Welcome to our new European webshop!

We've been aware for some time that the customer experience that our international customers have is quite different from our US customers - with longer delivery times, expensive international shipping, import fees, and challenging returns.

That's changing for our European customers and things are about to get a lot better with fast, free shipping on all orders over €165, no additional import fees for EU customers and quick and easy returns!

We now have two websites:

European customers can order from both stores, but they'll generally find it less complicated, and cheaper to order from the European webshop.

All of the products in the European webshop are pre-order items, and not available for delivery immediately. If you need some products in the near future then you should order at www.americanduchess.com and we will ship them from our warehouse in the USA.

Q: Why should I order from your European webshop?
A: Orders place on americanduchess.eu are fulfilled from our warehouse in the Netherlands, and if you require delivery to a European country then you will find:

  • The landed cost of your order will be be considerably less expensive
  • Shipping is much faster, and is free for orders over 165
  • Returns are much easier
  • No import tax, duty or fees at delivery within the EU

For customers in EU states, prices include VAT.

When shipping to non-EU member states (such as the Norway, Switzerland or UK), prices on the website do not include sales tax (VAT), but are collected and paid on your behalf during checkout. No additional fees will be due at delivery.

Q: Will my account from americanduchess.com transfer?
A: No. Accounts on each site are not combined, transferred, or interchangeable. If you wish to take advantage of having an account, you will need to create a new one at americanduchess.eu. Naturally, you may place an order without registering for an account.

Q: I have a gift card or store credit for americanduchess.com, can I use this?
A: Not automatically, no. A store credit or gift card purchased at americanduchess.com will not be recognized and cannot be redeemed at americanduchess.eu.

If you have a gift card or store credit at our USA store, we would be delighted to transfer any unredeemed credit so that it can be used at americanduchess.eu on request, up until the end of 2022. Gift cards cannot be valid on both sites at once, and we are unable to split gift cards across stores.

Simply email us at info@americanduchess.com with your name, email address and store credit or gift card code, and we will cancel the unredeemed balance and issue a new gift card that will work at americanduchess.eu. 

Q: Will my coupon codes transfer?
A: Yes, if you have a coupon code from americanduchess.com then it will usually work on this website. If you have a coupon code that is not working, please reach out to us at info@americanduchess.com
 and we'll ensure that any valid code is honored.

Q: Why do your prices vary so much between the USA and European stores?
A: Unlike the rest of the world, stores in the United States do not include sales tax in their price tags. The USA has an incredibly complicated sales tax structure, so sales tax is typically added to the retail price at the point of payment. Therefore, the pricing shown in our USA store exclude sales tax. The following are typically added to the retail price:

  • Sales tax (VAT)
  • Import duty
  • Import brokerage fee
  • Shipping

When ordering from the USA store, the VAT and import fees are typically paid by the importer (you) to the carrier when the package reaches your country, along with duty and a customs brokerage fee (although we have an option for you to pay this at checkout if you prefer).

In our European store the retail prices shown contain VAT for customers in the EU, and include shipping for orders over €165,00.

To compare prices directly, you should compare the landed costs, for example:

 Item USA price (€)    Euro price (€)
 Emma  188,84     210,00
 Shipping   41,48     0,00
 VAT / import duty  69,02     0,00
 Total 299,34   210,00

As you can see, although it looks like the USA store is less expensive, it's considerably cheaper for a French customer to purchase from our EU webstore!

Also, there are other benefits, such as, shipping is much faster, and returns are much easier, quicker, and cheaper!

Q: Where are the rest of your products?
A: Our expansion into a European warehouse is a very big commitment for a small company like ours, so we're moving forwards one step at a time so that we can provide the same exceptional customer experience that our customers in the USA currently have.

Initially, we are only offering a limited selection of our best sellers, as well as newest pre-order products for sale, but as we restock existing products to our international warehouse in the USA we'll also be expanding our European inventory at the same time. However, we won't be offering products in our European webshop that are scheduled to be discontinued.

Q: What if I want products that are not available in the European store?
You may still order products that are currently unavailable on the European webshop from americanduchess.com at anytime - however, your order will be shipping from the USA and will be subject to the associated import fees and shipping costs.

If you would like to purchase products from the USA store, along with products that are available from the European webshop then you should place separate orders. If you place an order at our USA store then all items in that order will be shipping from the USA, and subject to import fees.

Q: Will I be able to return shoes?
A: Yes. For the immediate future, if you purchase products from the USA they must be returned to our USA warehouse.

Products purchased from our European webshop must be returned to the EU warehouse. Items that are shipped to the wrong address will be refused and returned to the customer at their expense. Appropriate return instructions are included with every order.

Q: Will I be able to exchange shoes?
A: For the immediate future, we are unable to offer direct exchanges as part of the return process. However, we will happily refund your product costs back to original payment method, or issue a store credit to your account, and this can be used to make a replacement order. 

Products purchased from our European webshop must be returned to the EU warehouse. Items that are shipped to the wrong address will be refused and returned to the customer at their expense. Appropriate return instructions are included with every order.

Q: I didn’t know about the European webshop and ordered the shoes from the USA; can I transfer my order to the Euro site?
A: We are currently unable to transfer orders between websites, however, we can arrange for your original order to be cancelled and refunded and create a new order for you. Simply email us at info@americanduchess.com
 with your order number and we'll make the arrangements for you.

Q: I have an existing pre-order for products not available from European webshop, can you send them to your European warehouse and then ship them to me from there instead?
A: Stock and orders are not transferrable between warehouses. All orders placed on the US website will ship from the US warehouse. All orders placed on the European website will ship from the European warehouse. 

Q: Do you have a buy now pay later payment option?
A: Unfortunately, not at the present time, but this is something that we're working on.

Q: Where do your orders ship from?
A: We ship all orders placed on the European webshop from the Netherlands.

Order Status

Q: How do I track my order?
A: When your order ships we will send you a shipping confirmation email that contains tracking information. You can use this to follow the progress of your shipment.

Q: How do I change or cancel my order?
A: All requests to change or cancel an order should be made via email to info@americanduchess.com or by phone to (+1) 775-800-7750 immediately. An order that has already received a dispatch email or tracking number has shipped and cannot usually be changed or canceled.

It should be noted that our fulfillment partner in the Netherlands has been chosen for their speed and efficiency; they ship very quickly. Realistically, in almost all cases, the order will ship before we're able to stop it. Please take care when placing your order!


Q: How does the pre-order process work?
A: We open up sales of a product before it's manufactured, and offer a discount for the first ten day period of sales. If we sell enough of the product then it goes into production for delivery about 17 weeks later. For more detailed information see our Pre-Order Process page, or our pre-order update page for the latest information on the progress of current pre-orders


Q: How much will my order cost to ship?
A: Simply add the items you wish to buy to your shopping cart, go to the cart page and enter your location; the shipping options and their costs will be displayed.

Q: How will my order be delivered?
A: This will depend on your country and/or the service you select. Shipping options are available on the shopping cart page and during checkout.

Q: Do your shipping charges include taxes or customs fees?
A: For orders shipping within the EU, the product and shipping prices include all taxes, and there will be no additional fees due at delivery

For orders shipping within Europe to non-EU member states that do not have reciprocal sales tax agreements with the EU, our prices exclude sales tax and all of our shipping options are Delivery Duty Paid. All import fees, duty and sales tax are collected at checkout. No additional fees will due at delivery

We do not currently offer a delivery duty unpaid shipping option (where the customer pays the import fees before delivery themselves).

Q: Do you offer free shipping?
A: Yes, we offer free shipping to all orders over 165.

Q: How long does it take to ship?
A: In stock orders placed by 23:59 are typically dispatched the following business day. Pre-orders will ship once they've been made and received by our warehouse. Delivery timescales are displayed on each product page on the webshop, and we update the pre-order schedules page constantly with updates.



Q: I want to return my order. What do I do?
A: No problem! You may return your order (whole or in part) to us for any reason whatsoever, as long as they are:

  • in original, unworn condition - please try shoes on a clean (preferably) carpeted surface
  • in their original product packaging
  • shipped within a suitable shipping box
  • returned within 60 days of fulfillment
  • not a deadstock/last chance/imperfect item
Products purchased from our EU webshop must be returned to the EU warehouse. Items that are shipped to the wrong address will be refused and returned to the customer at their expense. Appropriate return instructions are included with every order.

    You can see more information on our returns page.

    Q: Do you pay return shipping?
    A: Yes! If you're within the EU and buying from our European store, you'll find a return shipping label inside your box. Please remember you must schedule your return before using the label to ship your package back!

    For orders purchased from our European store that are shipped to outside the EU, you'll need to schedule your return, and then we'll email you your return shipping label. 

    Q: How long does it take for my refund?
    A: Once your return arrives at our warehouse it'll take up to 5 business days for us to process your return and refund to your original method of payment. PayPal is very quick to handle these refunds (usually within seconds). Depending on your credit/debit card company/bank a card refund takes 2-10 business days.

    Q: I'm returning from outside the EU, do I need to do anything special?
    A: Yes! For orders purchased from our European store that are shipped to outside the EU, you'll need to schedule your return, and then we'll email you your return shipping label. 

    Products purchased from our EU webshop must be returned to the EU warehouse. Items that are shipped to the wrong address will be refused and returned to the customer at their expense. Appropriate return instructions are included with every order.

    Defective products

    Q: I have a problem with a product I bought from you. What do I do?
    A: Please contact us via email at info@americanduchess.com, with

    • Your order number
    • A description of the problem
    • A photo of the issue

    We strive to make our shoes beautiful, comfortable, and to give their owners many happy years of service. We do not have a formal guarantee period but stand behind the quality of the products we manufacture for the lifetime of the footwear, and will correct any manufacturing defects at no cost to the original owner. Please note that cosmetic imperfections in items sold as "imperfect" do not qualify as defective.


    Q: Are there any benefits to having an account with you?
    A: Yes! Although you may prefer to checkout as a guest, when you sign up for an account you can access your account information, order status, order history, wish list and store credit balance at any time.

    Gift Cards

    Q: Do you have gift certificates or gift cards that I can buy?
    A: Yes! You can buy American Duchess Gift Card here.

    Q: How do I redeem a Gift Card?
    A: Simply place all the items you want in your shopping cart, and go to checkout. In the Payment Method section just enter your Gift Card code in the box and it will be applied to the total. If the Gift Card value exceeds the order value then the remainder of the balance will remain on the card and can be redeemed against another, future purchase.

    Payment Information

    Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
    A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club, Elo, and American Duchess gift cards. We also accept Bancontact, iDeal, PayPal, ShopPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay.

    We cannot currently accept bank transfers, but iDeal, PayPal, ShopPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay support linking of a bank account to the payment mechanism, so you can make the payment directly from your bank account..

    Q: Do you accept international credit/debit cards?
    A: Yes! We accept international cards via our credit/debit card form and can also handle Delta/Electron/Maestro/Solo via PayPal.

    Q: Do you accept American Express?
    A: Yes we accept American Express card.

    Q: Do you accept Cashier's/Personal Checks?
    A: Sorry, no. At this time we don't accept checks of any kind.

    Q: Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your site?
    A: Yes! We understand the importance of safeguarding your personal information and go to great lengths to protect it.

    Catalogs by Mail

    Q: Can you mail me a catalog?
    A: Sorry, but American Duchess does not currently have a paper catalog. All the information you need is available on our website, or via a quick email to us at info@americanduchess.com. We believe in keeping a small environmental footprint and keeping our overheads low so that we can keep our prices low and quality high.


    ROUTE Package protection

    Q: What is ROUTE Package protection?

    A: American Duchess is proud to partner with Route, the leader in package protection and tracking solutions. Route offers:

    • Package Insurance.
    • Automatic Package Tracking.
    • Real-Time Shipping Updates.
    • + Green: Carbon Neutral Shipping.

          By selecting Route+ at checkout your order will be protected from damage, loss*, or theft. In the unfortunate case that your order never arrives, you can easily file a claim with Route and be fully reimbursed. 

          By deselecting package protection, American Duchess is not liable for lost, stolen items, or items damaged while in transit - all claims should be filed directly with Route.

          Search for answers to commonly asked questions ROUTE Help Center.

          Q: How do I report an issue and file a claim with ROUTE?

          • Go to the Route Resolve Center (via the Route app or web link from your order confirmation email).
          • Enter your email and order number.
          • Select the items you would like to file for, as well as the order issue type:
          i. Where's my package? If you select this option, you will be given a tracking update, and will have the option to "report an issue" if needed.
          ii. Damaged.
          iii. Issue unrelated to lost or stolen.

          • When selecting “report an issue” you are given four options:
          i. Lost.
          ii. Stolen.
          iii. Damaged.
          iv. Issue unrelated to lost or stolen.

          • After selecting the type that best represents your situation, you will be asked to fill out more details.
          • Depending on what your merchant offers, in some cases you will be asked for your resolution preference.
          • At the end of the process you will be given an order issue summary with more information on what to expect next. You can log back into this page at any time and check for more updates!.

          Q: What is the timeline or deadline to report an issue using ROUTE?

          Deadlines to report an order issue

          When you purchase Route Package Protection, you can report an order issue for packages that may be lost, stolen, or damaged. Read Route Package Protection Policies.

          All issues should be reported within 30 days of the order date.

          Ensure you report an issue within the respective deadlines:

          • Damaged: Within 30 days of when the package was marked delivered.
          • Lost (domestic): Between 7* and 30 days from the last tracking update.
          • Lost (international): Between 20* and 30 days from the last tracking update.
          • Stolen: Between 5* and 30 days of when the package was marked delivered.

          *Route requires these wait-to-file periods for stolen and lost orders as packages are sometimes delayed in transit or prematurely marked as delivered. 

          *Claims for packages marked "delivered" yet have not been received and where there is no evidence of “porch piracy” must be made 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 30 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises." Claims for packages presumed to be lost (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed after 7 days (20 days for international) and within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

          Q: Do I need to purchase Route package protection?

          A: We recommend purchasing Route Package Protection to fully protect your package in the event that it is lost, damaged, or stolen. However, Route its optional for any American Duchess order. You do not need to purchase Route Package Protection for your order, if you do not want to. By deselecting package protection, American Duchess is not liable for lost, stolen items, or items damaged while in transit - all claims should be filed directly with Route.

          Q: What is Carbon neutral Shipping?

          A: Route is covering the cost to neutralize shipping emissions when you add "Green Package Protection" at checkout. "Green Package Protection" Shipping includes package protection at the same cost as before, with the additional benefit that your shipment is carbon neutral. By adding Green Package Protection to your cart, you're automatically taking instant climate action – no donation required.